5 essentials for decorating your dining space

A well-decorated dining room is an absolute necessity to wow your guests. The pulsing heart of the house, the interiors of the dining space offer a true impact on the dining experience and serve as the backdrop for many memorable nights. Most people predominantly focus on investing in furniture pieces for their dining space, however, one should bear in mind that intricate elements and accessories can also help set the right mood and aura, and add a slice of elegance to the dining space.

● Area rugs: Nothing makes more of a statement than using a large area rug under your dining set. Stunning options like jute rugs or robust weaves with prints help create colour symphonies and design depth for a stylish dining space!

Fresh fruit: Contrary to popular trends, decorating your dining table with exotic and fresh fruits is a must! This is the most ideal way of displaying beautiful ceramics, sculptural wood bowls or aesthetic platters.

● Sculptural lighting: Another decorative essential for one’s dining space is a gorgeous piece of sculptural lighting. A beautiful low-hanging chandelier above the dining table or a cluster of pendants is the perfect way of adding a strong element of design, personality and warmth to your dining space décor.

● Exquisite napkin rings: Quirky, classic, traditional or modern, napkin rings become that essential accessory that can complete your dining table setting and take it a notch above the ordinary. Beautiful vintage brass rings can effortlessly amp up the style quotient of the space.

● Mirror, mirror on the wall: Commonly known as one of the best Feng Shui techniques to create a magnanimous home, incorporating gorgeous mirrors or murals with mirrors in the dining area can have a hypnotizing effect and can instantly make the space look extremely modern and contemporary.

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