5 home decor items that you must shop this festive season

Festive season brings a definite energy for shopping. People love to refurbish their homes with exciting decor accents and new furniture. If you are planning to make some changes in your home this year too, here are some of the most trendy suggestions that you can choose from. These are minor additions that you can make in your house to make your place look urban and festive too!

Couch caddy
A couch caddy is to add more to the comfort of your couch and if created with style, it can become the showstopper of your living room. From assisting you as a breakfast table to being your makeshift work-from-home office and one-stop place for your favourite books, remotes and other handy stuff, couch caddy is a great utility. Pick from a wide range of chic designs to smart and easy-to-maintain materials and make a smart addition to your home.

Patio table set
If you have a balcony or a garden, a patio table set is a must-buy. The rustic bench finish that these sets have makes the area look modern and young. From distress-wood look to gloss finish, there is a wide variety of patio sets available in the market. You can adorn it with colourful cushions and interesting table tops to give it an exciting look. One can also get a chess board or ludo board designed on it which can turn it into a game-jam session area.

Ottomans are the latest fad in home furnishings and they are useful too. This padded, low-lying upholstered chair, got its name from the Ottoman Empire that ruled Turkey in the 1700s. You can either choose the ones that give you an option to store things or the ones that are cushioned heavily to give it a luxurious look.

Throw blankets
Even though popular Amercan TV series Friends introduced us to throw blankets almost two decades ago, India is still warming up to the trend. Throw blankets are the latest fad in the home decor craze and are a perfect buy this festive season, marking the onset of early winters.

Commonly used as footrest stools, pouffes are a great choice to add to your living or bedroom decor. From cute creatures to comfortable cushions, pouffes are raiding the decor markets this season. Bring one home to add a little urban style and comfort to your room.

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