the body of iphone 11 pro max and the build the design so first of all I do love apples industrial design I do think it’s a very premium feeling phone especially with this textured matte feeling kind of back glass it’s just beautiful feeling it’s really nice to look at while it’s not the most flashy looking you know texture it is very practical for the day-to-day you see there’s hardly any other any fingerprints on here you don’t really get any sneers or Nothing on this back glass.

now the sides are stainless steel which also gives us one a hefty feel so you know for the money it still feels like you paid the bucks for it especially with that stainless steel giving it that heft now in terms of the overall looks I keep thinking about the tennis mechs because the phone essentially felt like that holding it in hand over these almost past month now so essentially I feel like I’m just using a refined tennis max really that’s basically what I can say about this so far however that camera design is definitely sticking out there and something that is definitely noticeable difference and you know somebody’s using 11 Pro max if you see that camera hump right there are at least 11 Pro I like that they removed the Apple logo here you can see no Apple logo over my time.

I really notice that that looks pretty clean using this phone so I do like that and buttons are in the same place overall the design weighty premium feeling not too slippery these actually these stainless steel sides right here pretty grippy so gotta say this phone right here is a huge thumbs up in terms of design.

however I will say that it’s not really surprising like it’s kind of similar looking to iPhones before but I think that the user who buys his phone is absolutely not gonna be disappointed with what Apple has given them for this money it actually feels like he got what she paid for regardless of the fact that it’s not super innovative or different looking okay so when it comes to the display of the 11pro Macs it’s been nothing but a pleasure to use now you would think that this display is not that much improved over the 10s max and you probably would be right if you were only looking at the way it looks you know on first glance but if you actually pay attention to the details the iPhone 11 pro max looks a lot brighter than the iPhone 10s max it also has better accuracy I think in terms of color reproduction but really I just noticed it being a lot brighter it’s just about as smooth as tennis makes but really this has just been a beautiful display to use and in terms of just pure quality reading on this thing.

watching content super sharp super bright in any situation I think you’re just absolutely gonna love this display except for if you don’t like notches now that’s still there for the iPhone but many people have gotten over this at this point and I think you can too and just appreciate the quality of this phone now one thing I don’t like about this display however is they got rid of 3d touch which actually feels a lot slower here with this haptic feedback and it kind of cheapens the feel a little bit of the 11pro max makes it feel like an 11 with his haptic touch.

so I wish I would have kept 3d touch but I can see why people are saying it’s an aging technology that came out a while ago but how is this any better a haptic feedback really like come on Apple so yeah overall the display huge thumbs up only thing I’m missing here is maybe like a promotion 120 Hertz smooth refresh rate so the actual quality of the panel itself super retina XD are beautiful colors right here beautiful brightness you’re gonna be really in love with this display so software experience on 11 Pro Max’s iOS 13 point one point two has been nothing short of nice improvement over 12 other than that really you know mode is the biggest thing that I really noticed when using this I really wouldn’t want to go back to twelve four but other than that you know other features have been improved in this phone you do get shortcuts right off the start and utilities you can see right here I do have shortcuts built right into iOS 13 there are lots of improvements including the new emoji stickers in and the messages also we do have some improvements in the Maps application when navigating find my also brings two applications together there’s a lot of little tweaks and refinements here in this iOS software and Apple has been really on a fast pace of updating this stuff in addition nice accessibility features in voice control.

but the actual experience of iOS is still iOS it’s you know it’s still pretty basic grid of icons they do have refinements and tweaks and this is the best version of iOS ever I do notice a lot of differences in the camera but I think that’s mostly to accommodate for the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s new camera setup I’m not like sold on just iOS 13 because older iPhones could get this software as well so it’s not like a benefit to buy the 11pro max that you’re getting iOS 13 it really isn’t but does it run amazing on here yes it does especially after the first couple of updates it’s now starting to run very amazing so yeah iOS you know what it is if you love it you love it if you hate it you hate it you definitely want the 11pro max if you want the best of iOS on a mobile smartphone okay guys so in terms of performance I covered this already multiple times still no dedicated split-screen multitasking here for iPhone 11 Pro max which is kind of sad considering that you know there’s a lot of screen space here so Apple could easily do that maybe we’ll see it with the next edition but you’ve been seeing in my speed test that this phone is just screaming fast.

I think it got beat by a couple of phones already but in terms of just everyday apps but in terms of games and everything combined it’s a very optimized experience the 813 Bionic chip in here four gigabytes of RAM is a little bit like why Apple couldn’t you at least want to 6 gigabytes of RAM but still the phone is super smooth it’s screaming fast you’re never really gonna notice a performance slowdown for this phone and that’s the point when you’re paying this kind of money no slowdowns at all Appl we don’t want that and guess what you don’t get that for the 11pro max so performance top-notch on this phone have been loving it and if you buy this device you will – okay when it comes to storage yeah horrible value when it comes to the price I know 64 gigabytes 1099 what is that like yes you can say Apple storage is a lot more efficient you don’t use up as much when you’re using it and this is true this is definitely true they did do some updates in the past to make it that way but still I mean 64 gigs is 64 gigs luckily I went with the 256 gigs but not every user might be able to do so because that’s an extra 150 they don’t want to pay so bad value I think in terms of storage but in terms of the storage that speed that’s on this phone it’s very fast storage so that’s a thumbs up but really I just wish Apple would put more storage on this phone to start and if you’re watching this video Apple try to get at least 128 gigs on the starting phone next year I think your users would really appreciate that for sure okay so the main star of the show the cameras and you’ve probably seen a ton of videos already or content about these cameras so we don’t necessarily have to go through everything but what I can say is that the cameras are really smooth when going through each lens something I didn’t see it’s almost like you can’t even tell you’re switching lenses that’s how smooth Apple has pulled this off for the 11pro max see how smooth that is when you go through that’s something I haven’t seen on other smartphones I really like how Apple brought the aspect ratio right here below the you know a little changing between lenses I like how they put everything down here timer they have the filters here I never really like reaching up to the top for anything.

so I like that’s there in addition to that the portrait mode is better than ever at fixing blur around edges it’s gotten way better at stuff like that in addition high key light model is here panoramix here everything is here you want there video can go 4k 60 slow-motion in addition to that if you flip this camera around to the front this camera also gives you plenty to do on the front you can do 4k 60 slow-motion video over here and photo modes as well portrait mode on the front it’s got it all I mean really this is the total package when it comes to camera one thing I still want Happel to do is give me a little icon or a little setting to go to my settings right from the camera app itself it does get a little bit annoying if you got this thing propped up on a tripod you’re in a shoot or you’re in the middle of a filmmaking project or something like that and you got to go back in the settings and then you got to go find that camera section or you could just universal search at the top but still you got to go find this stuff and take a picture now you can capture photos outside the frame so if you have enough light and we take a picture here like so on the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s camera so if you have a photo that shows the bars on the side where you can actually see it that means that you can edit on the outside so if we hit edit here hit the crop there’s more information to play with here like you seen right there I just pinched in I could take that wide shot but that will be deleted after 30 days however you can do that which is nice but anyway take a look at a few of these samples I have created on this phone and if you want to see a more in depth camera video check out my camera test on the 11pro max we covered mostly just the video but that can really show you what this thing is capable of I’ll leave a link up here or down below you alright guys so audio so that story hasn’t changed much now when it comes to the storage of the iPhone 11 pro max the 11 Pro max does have dual speakers in there very loud and they’re very clear even at the higher volume levels so I don’t got to go on and on about the audio you’re gonna be a very happy customer you buy this phone you’ll be very happy with the audio quality you’re getting on this phone you softer use ear pods though if you don’t want to buy you know Bluetooth headset like air pods so keep that in mind this doesn’t have a headphone jack of any sort that’s been that way for years.

now for Apple so that is still something that you know depending on if you don’t have Bluetooth headphones which I don’t know why you wouldn’t at this point might annoy you but it’s probably a very rare case so biometrics Apple did say that they were improving the face idea to be a little bit faster and better on different angles and I can attest that that is true it definitely is faster and better on different angles but it’s not perfect if you thought that you know it’s like miles better than the tennis max I’m here to tell you no it’s not it’s not miles better it’s a little bit better it’s like you literally slightly notice it so Apple wasn’t lying when they said it improved it but they made it seem like they drastically improved it and I don’t see that to be the case I feel like it’s just a little bit better that’s all I’ve seen and my usage with this phone so far I have still missed with face ID it’s still not perfect so I have still missed and I don’t want to sit up here and make it sound like it’s a bad system it’s world class like you can get into banking applications with face ID you can lock down your LastPass account things like that and you’re all good to go so face ideas a huge thumbs up when it comes to security but it’s still not perfect like if you thought it was just perfect unlocking just because they were talking about how much faster in different angles it’s on it’s not there just yet Apple has knocked it out of the park when it comes to battery with this phone game over like there’s no other phone I’ve used this year that has this good of standby and usage time when using the phone the note comes really close in usage of note 10 plus but when it comes to standby forget about it so the iPhone 11 pro max is probably the best battery life phone I’ve used all year long when it comes to the flagship segment so definitely if you care a lot about your battery health battery life this phone is gonna go the distance and you really get what you pay for here with the 11pro max in this department especially this year we don’t know how it’s gonna perform in a couple of years I’ll give you some updates then but for now it’s a definitely really really strong stuff here in the battery life and probably the most impressive section about this phone also that fast charging is super useful now it’s not the fastest charging on the market but still it’s it’s a lot faster than before and you definitely take huge notice of that so all around the battery package is a huge reason why I think a lot of people will be purchasing iPhone 11 this year and phone cause the modems on this phone not the best on the market.

I’m just gonna tell you that right now and that that’s even a major metropolitan areas the beef between Apple and Qualcomm is over now but that caused them to use Intel modems here on the iPhone 11 pro max it was already in development you’ll probably see Qualcomm in the next iPhone but this one still not the best modems out there however that doesn’t mean that you can’t get five bars you can’t get amazing reception you can and the phone call quality is just fine on this phone when you do have reception but I’m saying that I’m having a little bit of issue sometimes switching between Wi-Fi cellular also I’m having a little bit of issue sometimes having one bar in certain places I don’t see that typically on a Qualcomm phone so yes not the best reception but phone call quality is good when using the phone when you do have reception it’s just fine but still I’m just finding this to be not the best out I think that majority users and still be ok because it’s not like it goes out all the time it’s just here and there but just enough to notice.

okay guys so in conclusion the 11pro max is it worth it and I was very positive in this video but it’s not worth it for everyone I think this is worth it for people who are really gonna use these cameras after the hype once you first get the phone if you find yourself not using a camera that much after the initial you know period of getting it this might not be worth it because you really have to take advantage of these or you’re basically buying antennas max really right here and in terms of the experience so you could just save yourself money and get a tennis max if you’re not a heavy Camrys are you using it for like you know commercial purposes maybe for your work you’re a blogger your youtuber your content creator you’re a video professional film maker you just need to capture some quick b-roll you know if you’re gonna use it for stuff like that this phone’s worth it but or if you’re really heavy user and you care much about battery life then this phone is worth it if you care a lot about design I think the notch is going away very soon so you might want to go ahead and wait if you’re that person if you have a 10 s series 10 our 10s max you’re fine in terms of the experience unless you really really desire those cameras once again maybe the new colors those phones are all great from last year but if you’re coming from anything like iPhone 8 7 6 s those this is a massive upgrade I think you will appreciate and yeah what are your thoughts on the iPhone 11 Pro max are you gonna pick one up let us know in the comment section down below thumbs up if you enjoyed it..


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