Brighten up your home with these decor tips

Monsoon brings excessive humidity, the mould that settles on the furniture, walls, etc. Most importantly, it brings dull,grey, gloomy skies that can make you feel low. However, with some simple tips, you can add a dash of colour and style to your home which will in turn perk you up!
1) The first thing we can do to battle the months of grey skies is to bring colour into our homes. Bring out the brightly coloured cushions to grace your sofas and chairs.

2) Spread out the bright printed tablecloths over your dining table and bring out the colourful rugs to set the mood for the long cosy sessions with friends.

3) Set the mood in the bedroom with happy bedcovers and cushions throw over.

4) Bring in the nature. Flowers can enhance the mood too. Bright bunches placed around the home bring nature inside when the rains confine you indoor and they also bring the much needed natural scent into your homes. With a nice variety available now, artificial flowers can also do the job.

e) Fragrant candles or agarbattis can battle the musty smell the wetness brings in.

However, there are a few precautions that can protect your home too, as hereunder:

a) Don’t forget to put an umbrella stand – be it an ordinary bucket, to collect wet umbrellas at the front door.

b) Similarly, keep a shoe stand to house the wet shoes.

c) Expensive carpets can be rolled up for the season and put away in plastic covers since layers of moisture settling on them can invite moths that can damage the wool. Bright durries can be substituted as floor coverings.

d) If you are an art lover and have a collection of paintings, it would be a good idea to invest in a de-humidifier to control the humidity indoors that can bring fungus onto your paintings.

With a little effort to combat the humidity, enjoy the magic of the monsoons in the comfort of your home!

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