Donald Trump’s Kashmir mediation offer: Don’t miss the fine print, POTUS has given Imran Khan absolutely nothing to cheer about

It is always amusing to note the sound of indignation in Indian media’s tone whenever Donald Trump picks up the topic of “mediation” for the Kashmir issue. Only on Sunday the US president joined Narendra Modi’s rip-roaring public rally at Houston and appeared to endorse India’s Kashmir policy, Pakistan’s sponsorship of global terror and India’s national security concerns. His appearance, speech and visible bonhomie with the prime mimister had received unequivocal positive coverage in India.

Just a day after, Indian media is in deep depression and Modi baiters — who remained dispirited looking at the spirit between Modi and Trump — have sprung into action. The cause: Trump has renewed his “Kashmir mediation” offer after meeting visiting Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan. It is being said that whatever political capital Modi had earned for India in Houston with Trump by his side has been washed away with the mention of the word “mediation”.

This argument, that raising the “mediation offer” has wiped out India’s diplomatic gains is in part amusing and inexplicable. A readout of the Trump-Khan news conference released by the White House reveals that Trump was repeatedly being asked (ostensibly by Pakistani journalists) whether the US president would be ready to mediate between the two sides on Kashmir.

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