Good News! WhatsApp can be good for your health, claims new study

We all are guilty of being addicted to our phones and all the lures it brings along with it, in the form of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp among others. Many people confess that they have the compulsive response to constantly checking their social media accounts including WhatsApp, to the extent of obsessing over missing out on anything. Well, researchers claim that people who spend more time on WhatsApp tend to feel less lonely and report higher self esteem.

Published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, the study found out that the messaging platform, WhatsApp, actually has a welcome impact on one’s psychological health.

Titled ‘Psychosocial Outcomes Associated With Engagement With Online Chat Systems’, the study said that WhatsApp allows people to feel closer to their family and friends, thus, giving a boost to their self esteem. They feel closer to their circle.

While the researchers haven’t totally ruled out the ill effects of spending excessive time on social media platforms, they are making a point that it may not be as bad as people think.

The study further revealed that the closer you feel to your WhatsApp groups, the better it reflects on your social competence. According to Linda Kaye, Professor at Edge Hill University, “The findings show how factors like social bonding capital is highly pertinent within this field as a way of understanding how technology usage relates to psychosocial well-being.” These platforms tend to stimulate existing relations and gives opportunities for better communication.

Having said that, it is always good to have apps that monitor your social media usage. Sometimes too much of social media can impact your lives adversely and so moderation is extremely important.

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