Holiday Special: How to create small window garden with waste materials

Charity begins at home and it is best to have an environmentally conscious atmosphere at home where all members of the family do not take the environment for granted. To start with, you can grow a small window garden of plants and flowers with your child and kickstart your young one’s journey into nature and appreciating its bounty. Since the aim here is to be environmentally conscious and judicious, we can make use of waste materials and reuse them for creating something useful. Here are some steps that you and your child can take to make your nature friendly window garden.

1. Use discarded plastic bottles, cooking oil cans, plastic containers to make planters. Avoid buying new pots from the market as this will encourage recycling also. Make use of things that you have at home.

2. Grow easy to grow plants in it like Aloe Vera, which you can use for its medicinal value also. This will also explain the practical use of plants.
3. Use discarded glass bottles to grow money plant in water hydroponic way. This will open up new windows to kids that some plants can grow without soil also and expand their knowledge about plants and their care.

4. Select seeds from your kitchen masala box and sow them to study germination process with your child. You can easily use seeds like fenugreek, coriander, fennel and sow them in soil at home.

5. Use a cutting of store bought herb like mint to propagate roots. Just take one stem of mint and remove 2-3 leaves from the bottom leaving 1-2 leaves at the top. Place this stem in a glass of water and let it sit for a week. You will see new roots developing from the stem in water. You can either let this stem grow new leaves in water itself or plant it in the soil and enjoy home grown fresh mint.

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