Home design hacks to stay ahead of the curve!

With exclusivity and privacy becoming the operative words in travel accommodations, homes are fast gaining an edge over the good old hotels and resorts. That’s primarily because for most young travellers, affordability is the foremost criteria, followed by privacy and comfort of a home far away from home, with home-cooked meals as the cherry on the cake. Moreover, as more and more people aspire to travel and are rising above their hesitance to explore new and unique places, homes are increasingly becoming preferred options.

However, despite the growing popularity and demand for homes, the concept is still developing in many parts of India. Homeowners are gradually grasping the features and services that attract a crowd to these properties. Travellers are looking for homes that offer an experience of the local culture, tradition and hospitality of the place it is situated in. Designs play a huge role in offering an experiential stay and create a memorable experience for guests. Below are some designs that have garnered traction from guests:

Create an instant connect with the guest via thematic homes where designs are inspired by hobbies or interests such as music-inspired homes that transport a guest into a different world or Biking inspired where the property reflects different aspects of a bike via design elements and evoke the feeling one has while riding their favourite machine

●Conceptual homes are also a favourite amongst guests that are looking for a very different stay experience as compared to staying in a standard hotel. For instance, if a guest loves visiting Goa and is fond of beaches then a diving inspired house that draws all its elements from diving will be preferred

●Eco-conscious guests prefer stays that are put together keeping sustainability in mind. Hence, sustainability should be at the heart of all aspects of designing a home right from the material, transportation to decor. Greenery and natural light should be a default part of this design

Travellers are looking for a memorable time with their loved ones and try new things and live unique experiences. Along with great hospitality and service, one can create a one time experience for guests with unique designs and decor that are in sync with the local culture and traditions. With the growing demand for such experiences and inclination towards discovering unique destinations, homes are set to become preferred accommodation option in the hospitality segment.

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