IPS officer teaches how to make pepper spray at home

01/4 | How to make pepper spray at home?

With the crime rate against women reaching an all-time high all across the country and the reports of harassment and molestation increasing almost every day, it is logical to think of an effective defence mechanism. While law and order is there to do the needful, it is also important that every citizen should be equipped with some self-defence measures. One such most commonly used way to keep eve-teasers away is pepper spray. Pepper spray has been adopted as one of the most used techniques of defence, especially by Indian women. Though the functioning of a pepper spray is mostly well understood, what goes into making it and the access to one still remains a big challenge. Recently, in a video doing rounds on social media, Soumya Sambasivan, an IPS officer from Himachal Pradesh is seen teaching local women how to make pepper spray at home. Scroll below to learn the art of making pepper spray at home.

02/4 | Step 1

Take a glass jar, add 2-3 tablespoons of red chilli powder in it. It is suggested to add more chilli powder to make it a stronger spray.

03/4 | Step 2

Next, add 2 spoons of pepper and 1 cup of refined oil. Mix well and then add one bottle of acetone to it. Mix all the ingredients well. Now, strain the mix in another glass jar and then transfer in a spray bottle. Your homemade pepper spray is ready to use.

04/4 | Takeaway

Personal safety and self-defence is something each and every person should be aware of and by following these easy ways of safety you will definitely feel confident while going out late at night and will be prepared to face ill-situations.

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