New Year’s Eve: Tips for a quick cleanup after a house party

For huge gatherings, it’s a smart idea to use disposable cutlery. But if you choose to keep disposable cutlery, make sure that you choose the ones that are sturdy and of good quality because they will create less mess. Poor quality disposable cutlery has chances of getting broken and spilling the food all over. The best part with disposables is that you can throw them away, keeping your kitchen clean.
Use baskets
Keep baskets in a couple of corners to dump used bottles and glasses in the house. This way you avoid the mess bottles and glasses might create in your home and also there will be less chances of breaking a glass in the party.

Be prepared for spills
Accidents happen. Be prepared with extra table cloths, napkins, tissues and liquid detergent tucked away for emergency use. This would save the guests from any embarrassments and the party can keep rolling.

Place big bucket bins
Place big bucket bins with disposable bags intact in the house. This is to accommodate all the disposable cutlery and boxes of online food orders. Once the party is over, your house and kitchen will stay clean.

Share the leftovers with guests
Use microwaveable food storage containers to pack leftovers home with your guests. This would solve the issue of going back home to cook a meal for them, while you don’t need to throw away food in the bin.

Use air fresheners
A good-smelling home always feels welcoming. Spray the house with your favourite air freshener fragrance to make it feel appealing and clean. You can also keep an infuser with camphor and clove to make the room smell musk.

Have leftover containers ready
One of the most hectic things after hosting a party is to wrap up the kitchen with leftovers. So instead of tripping over utensils after the party, keep a stack of a few utensils which you can use later to manage the leftovers.

Always use tablecloths
This is a great tip to keep your place neat and clean when you wake up on the first day of the new year. Once you cover your tables with tablecloths, all the dirt and spills will be on the cover and your tables will be clean and ready for the new dawn.

Use stemless wine glasses
Stemless wine glasses are in and look trendy too. It is always advisable to use less complicated cutlery to avoid any breakage and hence you should prefer stemless glasses if you are serving wine.

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