This summer fruit is great to treat high blood pressure!

Summers are here and so are the variety of fruits available in this weather. While mangoes, melons and cherries take away all the attention when it comes to summer fruits, there is an underrated fruit which is loaded with enriching properties and amazing health benefits – and it is phalsa.
Phalsa, which is a type of blackberry, is a season delicacy we all have grown up eating. Do you know, it is also an excellent fruit to treat your blood pressure problem?


According to Ayurveda, phalsa is one fruit that you should absolutely include in your summer plate this season. A handful of this every day can spruce up your system, clean up your arteries as well as act as a natural blood purifier.

The reason we tell you to have phalsa during peak summers is that the fruit, containing antioxidants, has a cooling effect on your body and settles the Pitta Dosha, which is the composition of our bodies. These tiny little berries also come packed with a range of health benefits which can reduce symptoms of high blood pressure, digestion, and heart trouble.

Blood pressure shoots up when there is excessive pressure on the veins when you consume too much salt or take too much stress. Uncontrolled hypertension can have dangerous side effects, including heart attack, nerve damage as well as increase the risk of stroke.


Phalsa, with its high source of nutrient content in the form of Vitamin B2, B3 and potassium can cut down the blockages and promote clean blood flow. The protein content in the fruit can also help in a speedy recovery, by rebuilding muscles around the damaged walls. Hence, it is one of the best summer fruits available.Eaten ripe or slightly unripe, they contain anti-inflammatory properties which purify blood cells stabilizes blood pressure and regulates the heart rate.

How to have it:
Here is a quick little concoction which you can make at home:

-Take a glass of phalsa juice (or extract it if you can ) and add some salt and black pepper.
-Drink this twice a day to gain benefits.
-You can also add sugar to it if the drink is too strong for your taste.

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