Vastu tips: Keeping these 5 things at your main gate can bring prosperity and wealth

Vastu is the science of ensuring good vibes in your house and life. And because it is a science, it is very practical and logical to implement too. According to Vastu Shastra, if you keep these 6 things at your main entrance gate, they will ensure prosperity, financial growth and wealth in your life. Take a look!

Decorative water and flower pot
Keeping a glass pot filled with water and maybe some flower petals is very good as per vastu. This arrangement attracts wealth and prosperity and looks good as an entrance to your home too. Since water is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, it also is a bad conductor for negative energy which helps in keeping your home and family members in good health.

Toran has a significance
Hanging toran is an integral part of the Indian household especially during festivals and celebrations. Hanging toran made of mango, peepal or Ashok tree leaves is especially recommended to keep negativity at bay. Once the leaves dry-up, you can change them with the new ones. These leaves are known to absorb negative vibes and hence are best suited to protect your home from evil eyes.

Lakshmi feet
It is a ritual to make or stick Lakshmi feet (per) stickers at the entrance of your house in order to seek blessings of the goddess. This ensures growth in wealth and prosperity of the house. By making these feet we also attract the attention of the gods and goddesses and it also reduces the ill effects of planetary movements.

Swastik is important
Making swastik at the entrance of the house is considered auspicious, it brings luck and prosperity. Swastik also reduces disease and mourning, and increases happiness and prosperity.

Large entrance door
If your house has a larger entrance door than the other doors in the house, it is considered auspicious. And if the door opens clockwise, it is reduces negative energy. Keep the height of the door from the ground in order to allow light to enter the house.

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