Your guide to decorating your first home away from home

Moving into your first hostel room, PG or rented apartment, especially when you have moved into a new city for college, can seem daunting. At the same time, it is also an exciting phase. Here you are, on your own, and with your own little space that you can call your home, albeit temporarily. What makes the experience even more warm and fun is getting to decorate your space just the way you want it to be. Seems too much to handle? Check out these tips to take you through the process in a jiffy. 

First, envision your room
Think about how you want your room to look like, before you start decorating it. Do not buy items before you even get to see the room. Check out the space, analyse limitations if any, figure out basic necessities and then make your shopping list. 

Strike a balance between fashion and function

What is fashionable in terms of d├ęcor, might not always be practical. A great looking desk with an attached chair might be less functional compared to a desk and chair that are separate pieces. If kept separate, for instance, you can also use your study desk as a night table, and use the chair as an alternative seating arrangement when you have friends over. 

Take your time with decorating

You do not have to buy everything, all at once. You can start off with essentials, like getting mattresses, pillows, laundry bag, etc., and then slowly add in the other elements like a wall clock, or an indoor plant. Do remember not to add clutter into your space by packing in too many things. Simple and minimalistic is a mantra that works best for your temporary home.

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